RPN Calculus

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Développeur Thomas Braun
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RPN Calculus is a scientific RPN Calculator for the Apple iPad.

RPN Calculus provides basic arithmetic operations as well as advanced mathematic operations like trigonometric, hyperbolic or logarithmic functions. The calculator app provides an unlimited, well, limited by system resources, amount of memory space for values.

RPN Calculus performs calculations with a precision of up to 15 digits and supports a number range from -1E127 to 1E127. Its smallest presentable number is 1E-128.

RPN Calculus offers a clean and simple layout, very common if you have used scientific RPN calculators before.

RPN Calculus has a build in constant values database. The database contains over 120 scientific constants of different categories like e.g. Mathematics, Physics or Astronomy. Since the constants database is user extendable, you can add constant values that you are may be missing in the default set of constants.

RPN Calculus can print out your values on the stack and the memory. Remark: Printing is only available on iOS 4.3 or newer.